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A slice across an Amethyst Geode.

This page will eventually have photos of polished stones with their description.

The table below is take directly from our last stocktaking of tumble polished stones and will give you an idea of which ones we keep by looking in the tick column against the stone name. We also sell rough rock and mineral specimens.


Stocked Stone Stocked Stone Stocked
Amazonite P Fluorite P Pyrites P
Amazonite chip Fluorite P Red Coral
Amber P Fossil Limestone Rhododchrosite P
Amethyst chip P Garnet P Rhodonite P
Amethyst Gem P Garnet chip P Rock Crystal P
Amethyst Lavender P Green Aventurine P Rose Quartz P
Ametrine P Green Aventurine chip P Ruby P
Angelite P Green Tree Agate Rutilated Quartz P
Apache Tears P Hematite P Rutilated Quartz P
Apatite P Hematite small P Rutilated Quartz P
Aqua Aura P Highland Marble Gem Sapphire P
Aquamarine P Howlite Sardonyx P
Aquamarine P Iolite P Selenite P
Aquamarine Mix P Jade P Serpentine Cornish
Azurite/Malachite Jasper Brecciated Shattuckite P
Banded Agate Jasper Picture Snowflake Obsidian P
Black Agate P Jasper Red P Skye Marble
Black Agate P Jasper Snakeskin Smokey Quartz P
Black Chalcedony P Kyanite P Sodalite P
Black P Labradorite P Spectrolite
Black Obsidian P Lapis P Spessertine P
Black Tourmaline P Lapis Gem P Spherulitic Rhyolite P
Bloodstone P Lapis Lazuli P Sugilite
Blue Agate Larimar P Sunstone P
Blue Lace Agate P Leopardskin Rhyolite P Tecktite P
Blue Obsidian P Lepidolite P Tigereye P
Blue Obsidian P Tigereye P
Botswana Agate P Malachite P Tigereye Blue
Calcite Honey P Mixed Large P Tigereye good large P
Calcite optical Mixed Medium P Tigereye red P
Carnelian P Mixed Small P Tigereye small P
Chalcopyrite P Mookaite P Tigeriron
Charoite P Moonstone P Topaz pink P
Chrysacolla P Moonstone Black Turitella Agate P
Chrysoprase P Moonstone White P Turquoise P
Citrine P Moss Agate Turquoise Natural P
Coral P Moss Agate Black Turquoise Natural SB P
Coral (Blue) P Obsidian Snowflake P Unakite P
Crazy-Lace Agate P Opal P Verdite
Danburite P Opal Boulder Vesuvianite P
Dulcote Agate Peridot
Diopside Star P Petrified Wood
Emerald P Pietersite P
Falcon's eye P Prehnite (with Epidote) P

We keep in stock The Crystal Bible - A Definitive Guide to Crystals by Judy Hall. £14.99

Please ask if we could obtain any of the stones mentioned in this Crystal Healing publication.

Tel: 01768 899989